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Borah Summit pg. 1

Location: 115.01 miles and 87 ° from Cascade, Idaho
Elevation 12662 ft.
GPS Coordinate: 44.1374 -113.781

Johnny Ong and I hiked to the top of Mount Borah on August 6th. 2007. It took us seven hours. but we were not in a hurry and I took a lot of Pictures and breaks. The total trip took twelve hours and fifteen minutes. We headed up the trailhead at 6:05am and arrived back to the trailhead at 6:20pm.

Looking back after the trip I am glad to have made the successful attempt to summit Mount Borah. what a view. I knew it was going to be tough to get past the famous Chicken-Out ridge but had no idea what we were up against.

We met up with a lady close to the Chicken-Out ridge that was heading back down the mountain after making her attempt to get passed the famous ridge. fear of heights and having to cross rock ledges caused her to turn back. All I can say is if your an experienced rock climber and no fear of heights. it would be easy. We met several people that day and the day before that turned back at the Chicken-out-ridge. Another person turned back after making it most of the way.

I was a little apprehensive about getting past it on the return trip. that's how intense it was. I don't mean to scare anyone but if you decide to climb idaho's tallest mountain you had better be prepared as there is some risk involved and as long as you pay attention and not get in a big hurry shouldn't be a problem. Even if you only make it to the Chicken-Out ridge the views are spectacular and well worth the hike.

View of Borah at a distance.

View from the trailhead. Borah peak is just barely visable in the middle of the picture

Birch Springs campground.

Johnny's taking a look at what were getting into.

Plotted this route with GPS

1.64 Miles into hike. View is to the North just coming out of the tree line.

Shelter at the tree line. This is where we stashed some of our water for the return trip.

8:29am: 1.81 miles into hike. My son-in-law Johnny with a view to the North

8:30am: View of the Birch Springs campground and trailhead (Bottom Right)

8:30am: View NorthEast

8:52am: Looking up towards Chicken out ridge.(Middle Left)



8:54am: View to the South

9:05am: Looking back down the trail



9:52am: View to the South

9:54am: Aprox. 2.8 miles. Close to Chicken out ridge

10:04am: Working around the South side of Chicken out ridge. At the point I took this picture is where many have turned away.

10:10am: Johnny working down and around to get to other side of Chicken out ridge. The first section

10:13am: Looking back at beginning of Chicken out ridge

10:13am: Looking down and to the South

10:13am: Looking back at the beginning section of Chicken out ridge.

10:21am: View as we are almost through the first section of Chicken out ridge.

10:22am: Reaching the top of first section of Chicken out ridge.


10:24am: View of the cross over point

10:25am: View of Borah summit

10:26am: Working our way around

10:26am: As you can see the trail gets a little tough at times. Watch your step and hang onto the rock ledges

10:28am: Another view of Borah summit

10:38am: Looking to the West

10:39am: At this point it was decided to climb up the "Smoke Stack" to reach the snow bridge

10:39am: Climbing up to the top of the last portion of Chicken out ridge. Hang on and watch your step

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