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Having lived in Cascade, Id for 36 years (1975) I have had the great opportunity to explore many lakes and landmarks in the area and a few years back after purchasing a digital camera and my interest in building Web Pages combined the two. This area has a lot to offer if you just open your eyes and see the beauty that surrounds us. A vast majority of these areas are accessible as a day hike, so go out and enjoy what God has provided us in the great outdoors. Oh, I included GPS Coordinates so that if you have one it will help you in locating these areas of interest. I have not provided info on how to access these areas, my thought was that it would encourage you to figure that for yourself and provides a sense of exploration.

Although this is a photo gallery, I have two purposes for this website. One, is to display pictures of particular lakes and landmarks regardless of the quality of photos I took under the circumstances while I was in the area. That is why many photos are included even if not of high quality, they are there to show the area. The second, to offer beautiful pictures of these areas I was fortune to be able to take and are of high quality that people can enjoy. Picture of Mike

I want people to be able to enjoy the pictures I have taken of the area and permit the use of them on their computer desktops and to display them in their homes or businesses. I just ask that if used in a brochure, book or any other type media other then a picture on the wall, desk, computer desktop to provide my name as the source of the photo. I would like to hear from you in these ventures, as they mean so much to me. I reserve the full rights to these photos and at any time if deemed to do so restrict the use of them.