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Landmark Rock

Location: 23.3 miles and 55 ° from Cascade, Idaho
Elevation 8433 ft.
GPS Coordinate: 44.6263 -115.594

Picture #LMR-2401 07/06/2004

Picture #LMR-2403 07/06/2004

My hiking buddy checking out the area.

Picture #LMR-2402 07/06/2004

Picture #LMR-2404 07/06/2004

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2014-08-06 Mike Huston
Landmark Rock

Took the Grandkids Johnny and Preston on a hike 8/4/2014. Colton also came along. Didn't realize it but it has been 10 years from the last time I went to Landmark Rock. GPS said we hiked 1.71 miles from the summit lake campground to Landmark Rock. Beautiful area. Kids enjoyed it. There is a trail but often hard to find.