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Borah Summit pg. 2

Location: 115.01 miles and 87 ° from Cascade, Idaho
Elevation 12662 ft.
GPS Coordinate: 44.1374 -113.781



10:43am: Looking down and around from where we came just before I head up the Smoke Stack

10:49am: They made it to the top of the Smoke Stack but the worst is to come. The lady

Pictured here decided she cannot continue and you will see why in the next few pictures

10:52am: View of the trail on the other side of the snow bridge and Borah summit

10:55am: Group looking down as the first member works his way down the rock onto the snow bridge

11:05am: Made it down and across the snow bridge. It is unusual for there to be no snow to cross

11:06am: It was very intense to drop down the 15-20 ft. rock face. Those down below me helped guide me as to where to place my feet and hands as it was hard to see





11:26am: View of the group that decided to head back. It was upsetting to see how close the lady was but decided she wasn't ready to drop down the rock face

11:30am: I cannot blame her. The other option was to drop down from here and scoot around and then climb up the gravel face to the snow bridge. On the way back from the summit Johnny and I went that route. Didn't feel I could climb to the top of the Chimney.

11:30am: Once around the snow bridge and past Chicken out ridge I felt so much better.




11:45am: One of many breaks




11:51am: View of one of the lakes to the East




12:01pm The dreaded climb to the top


12:12pm Looking back

12:13pm That's me looking back and determined to make it the rest of the way

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